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Yellow Pages in print, online, and mobile formats remains the trusted and comprehensive local shopping resource all over the world. With the world going local or as the new word goes ‘glocal’, we believe we JUZTCALL stands to connect the need of the marketplace and the people alike.

JUZTCALL is our offline yellow pages mobile application with updated information on all kinds of products and services to connect the dots in your life. You just need to download it once to use it for free. It works without an internet (GPRS/3G) or network connection. JUZTCALL is your pocket yellow page on your smart phone.

✓ JUZTCALL connects local businesses, services and the community- restaurants, grocery stores, medical stores, handymen and others.

✓ JUZTCALL is your free offline Yellow Pages on smart phone that helps you search and share valid and verified information for your city

✓ JUZTCALL is a free app which requires only a one-time download and you don't have to be online when looking up any information any where in the world

✓ You can find information such as name, address, maps, phone numbers, website, offers, shareable videos, images, inventory from the listings on the JUZTCALL directory

✓ JUZTCALL has 6000+ categories for 40 cities in India. JUZTCALL has global presence in middle east, Malaysia and Singapore

✓ Businesses and services can place Banner Ads, Videos, Retail Promo Offers and Multiple Listing Facility etc, along with their free listing

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We build innovative apps and games for mobile devices compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and windows mobiles because we believe in the building incredible app experiences, on par with latest in technology. We cater to individual aspirations as well as enterprise needs. Our excitement is in delivering that crackling solution customised to your unique requirement.

Our in-house team has been on the task of developing in-house mobile apps on cutting edge technology integrating the social and local needs of the community . We believe in sharing our deep knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies to create and run mobile and desktop apps that deliver!


In the past our team delivered mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows8, BlackBerry phones and iPads also desktop applications for Windows 8 and Mac for offline search. We have also delivered websites for online search. There are consumer and business version to the product. As as business you can also advertise through our apps!


Markets across the globe are moving in the direction of locally sustainable e-tailing, where with sufficient density of local merchants, a reasonable volume of e-tailing transactions are fulfilled locally. This will especially be of help in bringing down unit shipping costs, allowing for even faster deliveries and facilitating an easier return/exchange. This model works imminently for products where local availability of merchandise is high (for example, food and groceries, home goods, books), and the logistics cost form a relatively high proportion of net value (for example, appliances & furniture ) generated. Giant players in the market like Amazon are moving ahead with their ‘Kirana Now ‘service, which aims to deliver groceries locally within 2-4 hours via tie-ups with local stores. Eventually we will see a hybrid model in e-tailing evolving with times.

Our team works in data collection, verification and validation of the local market place data to generate sufficient density of leads for the market place. The data collected from the local market place enables a major e-tailing service provider to step in and engage with the local merchants into creating a local delivery model. This eventually creates a complete circle of activity for us, reflecting our core vision of deepening connections through technology.


Our association with Amazon is one such activity where we are assimilating, verifying and validating data from local marketplaces of tier 1 cities in India.

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Start your campaign today with us to create research-driven, ROI oriented, detailed media strategy and plan for your business. With our campaigns we help you select the profitable media channels for your business needs to achieve your long term and short term goals. Our team works towards diligently analysing the data over analytics to understand and determine the consumer behaviour, thereby decide the best channels and media buy to invest in for maximising the ROI.

We track the conversions in lieu with your internal tracking metrics, with regular analytic reports and our online advertising experts helps you make decisions to improve your future spending goals.

We do specialize in:

  • Pay-Per-Click / Search Advertising
  • Display Banners/ Rich Media Banner Ads
  • Facebook Advertising/ Promoted Tweets on Twitter

Who we are

Just Call Info Service has been in the business of local and mobile for the last seven years and we have scaled in lockstep, locality by locality over the years. In 2009, we started out as a business enquiry call centre to help people reach businesses and services in localities with ease.

Over the years our experience with the local services and products and availability of local market and service data, lead us to envision and productise an app for offline yellow pages which capitalises on the strong local connections within the community. JUZTCALL is the first of its kind in the world to provide local offline searches and our technology is awaiting patent.

Over time we have expanded into the larger umbrella of mobile application development with several exciting products in the pipeline. Business Book is an app under productisation which will be a business social networking app available for offline download.

We offer allied services in lead generation and social media management for the market place.


To aid authentic human connections, thereby and empower individuals and communities, through applications in technology

We are in the ‘now’ of the latest and it appears to be SoLoMo- Social, Local, Mobile. Through our apps and services, we:

  • Connect businesses and services to local communities
  • Connect the offline and local market place with the online


Feel free to contact us by contact to get more information.

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